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Previder is the largest Dutch-based and owned datacenter company. Our two new carrier-neutral TIER 3+ datacenters are perfectly located in a low-cost region between the largest Internet Exchanges in the world: AMS-IX (Amsterdam) and DE-CIX (Frankfurt), with direct fiber connections to both

Because of our unique placement and connections with AMS-IX and DE-CIX our latency in Europe is minimal. Previder's data centers are located close to Frankfurt, London and Amsterdam. This makes our data centers really accessible and interesting for all IT-Organization and customers located within Europe. All the leading cloud platforms are accessible within the Previder data centers. This makes us a carrier-neutral and cloud-neutral data center. Connectivity with remaining carriers is easy to implement with the backbone to other data centers from Equinix, InterXion and Nikhef.

Your data is secure in our data centers. It's built on our own terrain and under Dutch law, which is leading on the subject of data security and protection.

Over the years, the company has built up an excellent track record in the internet industry. Large companies and government organisations are among its clients. Besides colocation, Previder offers a broad range of cloud services and end-user connectivity. Previder is part of the Odin group. With 300 employees, working in five IT companies in the Netherlands and Germany, it is one of the most financially healthy IT companies in the Netherlands. Curious how we helped our clients thrive?

Our datacenters

"We can quickly adapt to any situation"

Tim Timmerman - Director Previder

What do we offer for international clients?

We offer secure, dedicated cages and private suites. These can be custom made within our TIER 3+ datacenters to meet your specific requirements. These racks are placed in closed and cooled corridors and provided with 2 separate power feeds. The datacenters are designed to provide the best reliability, security and continuity.

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